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From fruity delights to nutty goodness, from protein- packed muesli to healthy snacking options, explore flavours of our diverse product range.


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I tried both the Berry Blast Strawberry and Whey Protein flavours from YOLO Roots Muesli and loved them both! I found the Berry Blast Strawberry Muesli to be superb. What impressed me the most was the delicious flavour, and I sincerely hope it stays just as fantastic. I truly appreciate the wonderful taste, and I highly recommend giving YOLO Roots Muesli a try



I've had the pleasure of trying YOLO Roots' Berry Blast Strawberry Muesli and Whey Protein Muesli. Among them, my favourite has to be the Berry Blast Strawberry Muesli. The flavours are simply superb! What I find most impressive about YOLO Roots is not just the delicious taste but also their packaging. It's a brand that truly cares about delivering quality and taste. While I can't get enough of the flavours, I believe they're doing an excellent job. Keep up the great work!



tried YOLO Roots' Whey Protein Muesli and Multigrain Peri Peri Namkeen. Among them, my favourite is the Multigrain Peri Peri Namkeen. What sets YOLO Roots apart for me is that it's very different from other brands. I appreciate the use of true ingredients, and most importantly, it's incredibly tasty! However, if I were to suggest an improvement, it would be to decrease the ratio of berries in the muesli. Nonetheless, I believe YOLO Roots is doing a fantastic job in providing wholesome and delicious options



My personal favourite is the Multigrain Peri Peri Namkeen. What truly stands out for me is the perfect balance of crunchiness and the delectable combination of sweet and salty flavours in the products. However, I did notice that after some time, the muesli tends to feel a bit soggy, even though the taste remains consistent. However, this problem was solved once it was kept in an air-tight container.



Out of all, the Berry Blast Strawberry Muesli was my personal favourite. YOLO Roots has truly impressed me with its crunchy and healthy snacks. The best part about their products is undoubtedly the use of real ingredients, which makes every bite delightful. However, I would love to see YOLO Roots expand its range with new product variants, such as ragi chips. It would be fantastic to see YOLO Roots introduce similar exciting options in the future.

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